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Overview of stats & general information about disaster

A Fire is a combustion that uses oxygen, heat, and fuel to give off bright light, heat (again), and smoke. Fires use combustible liquids or materials such as wood, gasoline, cloth, and dry grass as its source of fuel in order to stay alive and spread. A fire can make an appearance on a small scale such as on a stove top or on a much larger scale such as a forest fire (wildfire). The latter of the two is usually cause by long dry periods where no rainfall has occurred and the temperature level are very high. 


How to prepare for a fire

To prepare for a fire, the very first things you want to do is have a fire extinguisher ready at hand and make sure there are enough functioning fire alarms in your house. Establish a plan for you and your family on how to escape in the case of a fire and make sure everyone in the household has practiced this before and knows how to call 9-1-1 in the case of a fire or any emergency. Also, everyone should practice and have a good understanding of the “STOP, DROP, and ROLL” method. 


what to do during a fire

During a fire, you will want to try your best to remain calm and think rationally but swiftly on how to exit and save yourself and others. The first thing you want to do is yell fire (to alert others) and immediately exit the building and stay outside. If the door handle to an escape route is hot the touch then use your alternate escape route, but if both routes are blocked off, open a window, place a wet cloth under the door, and use a flashlights to notify others that you are in the building. Avoid the use of elevators during a fire in a building and if there is smoke in a room and you have to move, crawl on the ground since there will be more oxygen and the air will be cooler since hot air rises. In the unfortunate case that your clothes catches on fire, you should immidiately stop what you are doing drop to the ground roll over from side to side in order to suffocate the flames. 

aftermath and recovery

What to do after a fire

After a fire, if you haven’t already done so, call 9-1-1. Let your family and friends know you’re okay and do not enter your home unless authorities say it is safe to reenter (more than likely not). Any person or pet that results injured due to the fire should be transported to a medical center and treated for the injuries. Your home may not be habitable for a few days, weeks, or months and therefore you should arrange for the relocation of you and your family; perhaps it would be safer to stay at a relative’s, friend’s house, or it might even be necessary to consider moving based on the amount of damage done. In the case that the fire was not too severe and you are allowed back in your home, the smell of smoke may be lingering in the air and proper cleaning of your home may be needed.